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Business Information

  • Business Name:Asal Pharma Corporation Aphco
  • Business Address:Bakaro,Medicine Market,Howl-wadaag,Mog-Somalia
  • Email:
  • info@asalpharma.com
  • Tel:Land Line 658042
  • Handset:615 54 7 775


2006 Asal Pharma is founded  as a pharmaceutical  distributor company in  Beletwein town  Central region of Somalia under the name of Aqable pharma , later became ASAL PHARMA when it  opened its offices in the Capital . Our Primary Line of Business is based on distributing  Pharmaceutical needs   ( finished products). both  in Human & Veterinary used across the country and Neighbouring countries  

For the last 8 years, we have been top pharmaceutical wholesalers, leading the way in our industry vendors with the highest quality, offering affordable prices while never sacrificing our uniquely personal approach in servicing our client accounts.

 Asal Pharma co ” APHCO” caries a good line  of generic and brand name pharmaceutical products including Tablets,Capsules,Creams, Ointments, Liquids and Inject able that are ready for immediate.

in December 2013, Asal Pharma became the Only  Sole Agent  for Corallab. of India.

Coral Laboratories has been following a steady growth path on the pillars of its philosophy of Quality, Integrity and Core Values”